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In a time long past, when the shadows of the night held sway over the ethereal dominions of dreams, the Dreamwalker and the Sandman were allies. Their destinies intertwined in the dream realm. They were both guardians of dreams, but their roles were vastly different.


The dreamwalker, once a curious and compassionate being, possessed a singular gift—the power to bend the dreams of mortals to his will. He believed that by leading dreamers through an intricate tapestry of illusions and experiences, he could guide them towards great joy and pleasure within the boundless expanses of the dream realm.  He sought to offer dreamers endless opportunities to explore their desires, confront their fears through the realm of dreams.


The Sandman, however, had delved deeper into the enigmatic realm of dreams, unraveled its secret threads, and mastered the art of traversing between dreams and reality. Armed with his profound understanding of dreams and the realms that lay beyond, he endeavored to lead dreamers along a path of awakening. To the Sandman, dreams were more than mere phantasmagorical spectacles—they held the transformative potential to unveil the illusory nature of existence, liberating dreamers from the shackles of the dream realm.


For eons, the dreamwalker and the Sandman worked in harmony, their distinct approaches complementing each other. Dreamers would pass through the dreamwalker's illusions, experiencing a myriad of emotions and adventures, while the Sandman provided subtle hints and guidance, nudging dreamers towards awakening.


Yet, with the passage of time, the Dreamwalker's intentions took a dark turn. He hungered for dominion and control over the lives of the slumbering souls. His once tender façade crumbled like ancient ruins, giving way to an insatiable lust for power and dominance.


The Dreamwalker began ensnaring dreamers within his webs of illusion, weaving intricate traps to ensnare their wandering minds. He reveled in their confusion and vulnerability, delighting in the chains of his own creation. 


Meanwhile, the eyes of the Sandman beheld the Dreamwalker's descent into darkness. He sensed the Dreamwalker's growing obsession with the dream realm, and the suffocating weight of his malevolent illusions.


The Sandman vowed to protect the slumbering souls from the Dreamwalker's sinister clutches. He dedicated himself to assisting dreamers in breaking free from the dreamwalker's grasp.



Infinite Corridor is a new band that makes traditional Heavy Metal.


Their lyrics delve into spiritual themes embedded in a fantasy world, taking inspiration from ancient texts, epics and mythology. The story of their debut album centers around the Dreamwalker, a creature who was once a guardian of the dream realm, but the lust for power led him to manipulate and control dreamers, trapping them in webs of his illusionary creations. Some of the album's songs incorporate ancient Sanskrit texts from the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads.


The album features the impressive drumming of Dirk Meyer-Berhorn (Orden Ogan), and was mixed and mastered by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann (Orden Ogan, Angus McSix).


The band is composed of two members Adam and Balazs who are currently in the process of recruiting additional members to their lineup.


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